How Daily Affirmations Can Fast Forward Your Self Love Journey

Plus, positive affirmations to skyrocket your confidence

Anaya Nosso


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Self-love is the most important love one can have. It seems like a no-brainer but it can be quite difficult to love yourself unconditionally. This is especially true with social media and the constant comparison or quest for likes, follows, and shares.

Self-love is a neverending journey that requires discipline, patience, kindness, and awareness. No two self-love journeys are alike because everyone has things they need to work on or that they’re insecure about. Although everyone has insecurities or has bouts with self-doubt or low self-esteem these things can always be strengthened.

One great way to do this is to write positive affirmations or recite them to yourself in the mirror.

Affirmations are when you repeat positive sentences to yourself. This helps combat negative thoughts and feelings towards oneself and one’s life.

Psychology experts say that positive affirmations help rewire your brain into thinking more optimistically because they help decrease the time spent dwelling on negative experiences and can help someone be less defensive.

Positive affirmations can also have many health benefits like lowering stress levels, increasing happiness, and encouraging people to engage in more physical activity.

If you want to love yourself unconditionally make positive affirmations a daily habit.

Repeating and writing affirmations consistently can really help boost confidence. Affirmations are a quick and easy way to trick your mind into believing a new thought. By repeating the self-confidence affirmations in this post over and over, you will rewire your brain and allow yourself to believe good things about yourself. This won’t happen overnight. But in time you will be more confident and will begin to feel better and better about yourself.

Don’t give up.

Confidence can be broken, but it can always be restored. Belief systems (no matter how horrible) can be changed and the limits you place on yourself can be banished.



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