Spring Is Upon Us, So Are the Sniffles

The season and I are frenemies

Anaya Nosso
2 min readApr 1, 2022


Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Every year I get tricked into thinking can spend time mozying about in nature, lounging on metal benches fully immersed in a summer beach read anticipating what’s to come.

The weather is warm the air is clear until I get caught in a swirl of fuzzy, feather-like flowers.

Exchanges between me and chiseled chested men running up and down the courts are interrupted by awkward achoos. My coolness fades in a fit of uncontrollable tearing and the cacophony of throat-clearing.

Slowly salt water falls from my swollen eyelid dampening my spirits on an otherwise fine spring day.

As quickly as the weather warms up so does the illness in full swing it goes batting up and ready to put up a fight, stuffing up sinuses and blocking mucus membranes as they scour the premises.

Late at night, I dream of all the fun outfits I can wear, finally, the patterns, bright colors and sheer fabrics, breathability I may not receive otherwise.

Tomorrow will probably bring about another song and dance, swiveling and ducking pollen floating angrily into my lungs.

I wish and pray it away every year but it shows up again with more fervor than the last season, tormenting me as summertime nears.

This post is in response to this Medium Creators #writehere prompt: What’s your least favorite thing about Spring?



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